Pangea for Developers

Build Web 4.0 Apps in minutes not months

Build Web 2.0/Web 3.0/Web 4.0


Get started in clicks, low barrier to entry


And more predictable costs than Web 3.0

More secure

Better than banking grade sovereign security

Automatic compliance

Privacy compliance by nature

Less knowledge required

AI assisted app manager, easy for devs

Easier maintenance

Manage identities and bug fixes with ease

Unlock innovation
All the tools at your fingertips

Web 2.0 Apps
Apps Take existing apps
to the next level
  • Sovereign Single Sign on remove server security vectors.
  • Reliably store data in the users device, secure and private.
  • Data Privacy Compliance by nature with zero knowledge architecture.
  • Use eiDAS signatures for EU recognized signatures
Web 3.0 Apps
Manage decentralized applications
and users experience with ease
  • Predictable transaction fees
  • Easy to manage scaleable smart contracts with built-in transparent upgradeability
  • Sovereign User Recovery
  • Easy to setup DAO governance of apps
Web 4.0 Apps
Advanced signatures
and user management
  • Privacy preserving Sybil protection and identity verification - fraud and hack proof apps
  • Out of the box zero-knowledge and W3C Verifiable Credentials and DID COMM
  • CIAM and IAM for Decentralized Apps
  • Formless app login and portable data

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Low-code app manager AI builder
Assistant App and Infrastructure
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Test out Pangea Build NOW

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...with a web 2.0 user experience

Fast and free onboarding (social login with MPC or mobile app fully sovereign)
In-app transactions (sign without leaving the app)
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How is this all possible?

One integrated multi-service decentralizd platform

Private Data Storage
Public Data Storage
Identity verification

With an inbuilt Low-Code Web 4.0 Developer Console

like Google/Amazon Developer Console but for Web 4.0 Apps
AI Developer Assistant

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