Whitepaper & Documents

Pangea Virtual Nation Whitepaper

Pangea's vision, digital governance, and strategic adoption for a global digital nation​​.

LEOS (Ƚ) Tokenomics Whitepaper

Comprehensive analysis of LEOS currency's role, distribution, and economic impact within Pangea's ecosystem and globally.

Pangea Technology Whitepaper (technical)

Technical whitepaper detailing Tonomy Gov OS, the technology powering Pangea's governance with modular, AI-enhanced, and privacy-centric solutions​​.

Pangea Passport Whitepaper (technical)

Detailed explanation of Pangea Passport's functionality, security features, and its importance in digital identity management​​.

Pangea Developer docs


Guides and resources for developers to integrate with Pangea's infrastructure, focusing on the Pangea Passport and infrastructure tools​​.

Pangea Vision 2030 (Coming Soon)

Future outlook on Pangea's evolution in digital governance, community engagement, and global digital ecosystem development​​.

Pangea and LEOS Official Whitepaper - EU Compliant

The official whitepaper compliant with European Union regulation. This document contains all the information from the 3 whitepaper pdf with supplementary legal information.