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About LEOS

Your purchase of the LEOS currency is not just a transaction; it's a step toward innovation in a shared future. Early stage LEOS adopters get access to premium currency prices and Pangea opportunities while supporting a social impact project of a massive scale.




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How do I purchase LEOS?

Take 1 minute to read our LEOS Purchase Guide.

Current eligibility: EU residents only (people and businesses)
Payments accepted: ETH, EUR, USD or USDT
Minimum ticket: $5,000 USD (lower in subsequent rounds)

LEOS Purchase Guide
We are working hard to support more currencies and countries during this legally compliant sale

The Fuel of Pangea
LEOS (Ƚ) Currency

Bringing Ease of Use, Privacy
and Safety to Global Payments
  1. Ƚ50B capped supply
  2. Utility, Staking and Global Payments
  3. MiCA Compliant
  4. Fast & Easy Transactions
  5. Already Launched Mainnet + Wallet
  6. Tokenomics Audited

Network Tokenomics

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Sale Tokenomics

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Thank you for your interest in buying LEOS tokens. Please connect with us at the Tonomy Foundation to assist your purchase.

1. Guide You Through Our Vision

We'll share our pitch deck, providing insights into Pangea's future and the role of LEOS tokens within it.

2. Answer Your Queries

Have questions? We're here to provide the answers and ensure you have all the information you need.

3. Discover Mutual Opportunities

We value the unique perspectives and opportunities our customers bring. Let's explore how we can grow together.