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A Virtual Nation, embodies a community governed online, where members participate in decentralized decision-making processes, have digital citizenship, and engage in secure, borderless interactions.

A Virtual Nation is more technically known as a Network State.

Article about Virtual NationsThe Network State - Free Online Book

Powered By WEB 4.0

Web4 builds upon the decentralized foundation of Web3, with a seamless user experience to create an interconnected, intelligent digital ecosystem.

Industry, Enterprises and Governments are set to adopt Web4 platforms.

The Fuel of Pangea
LEOS (Ƚ) Currency

Bringing Ease of Use, Privacy
and Safety to Global Payments
  1. Ƚ50B capped supply
  2. Utility, Staking and Global Payments
  3. MiCA Compliant
  4. Fast & Easy Transactions
  5. Already Launched Mainnet + Wallet
  6. Tokenomics Audited

Private Seed Round is now open.

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  • Hours
  • Minutes
  • Seconds
Currently, Pangea is conducting a private sale of the LEOS Utility Token.

LEOS is offered by the Tonomy Foundation, a Dutch non-profit foundation. The LEOS sale complies to the upcoming European Unions' Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation (MiCA) regulation, to ensure unhindered operation. LEOS has been audited by Swiss Tokenomics specialists Brightnode.

Enabling the achievement of UN Sustainable Development goals

Following the
EU Commission’s guideline on
Web 4.0

Members & significant contributors to the Decentralized Identity Foundation & W3C

Explore Abundance in Trust

Pangea’s integrated platforms each provide real-world opportunities and value.

Together, Pangea unlocks the 5 pillars of digital trust to bring economic and social freedom unlike anything seen today.

Pangea Blockchain

Upgradeable Mainnet Launched

The Layer-1 Pangea Blockchain sits at the core of this virtual nation. It powers all of the other components of Pangea, whilst being ultra fast, cheap to transact on and barely consuming any energy.

Pangea Blockchain

Pangea Passport

Cross-Platform Wallet Beta Release

The Pangea Passport is powered by an innovative decentralised self sovereign identity tech. It is designed to empower people globally both online and offline. Every citizen of Pangea has the right to have a passport. This passport enables hack and data breach resistant single sign on across Web 2, 3 & 4 apps, whilst putting control over your data into your hands.

Pangea Passport

Pangea DAO

Simple and fast creation of decentralized autonomous organizations anywhere on earth.Fully transparent, visible and auditable for abetter planet with equity, trust and truth.

Pangea DAO

Pangea Bankless

LEOS Native Currency Launched

Manage banking account and international payments without borders with multi-partycontrols for Decentralized Autonomous Organisations.

Pangea Bankless

Pangea Gov+

The heart of the governance of the Pangeaecosystem, whilst also enabling other ecosystems, countries and anyone elseto make use of this system to create theirown governments.

Pangea Gov+

Pangea Build

CLI Tools Released

Build anything that comes to your mind with our Low-Code / No-Code suite for Citizen-Developers. Enabling the future of decentralized app development for everyone.

Pangea Build

Why join Pangea?

As a virtual nation, Pangea has something to offer to everyone




Early Explorers get immediate opportunity to create together with others

  1. Own your identity and data
  2. Launch businesses and apps in minutes
  3. Login and use Web 2.0 Web 3.0 and Web 4.0 Apps
  4. Participate in global governance
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Businesses and DAOs benefit from seamless Web 4.0

  1. Incorporate and govern businesses and DAOs
  2. Manage employees and access
  3. Easy, cheap and always safe and secure
  4. Protect your business from cybersecurity risks
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Create a user experience like never before

  1. Allow passwordless login to Web 2.0, Web 3.0 and Web 4.0 Apps
  2. Launch Web 4.0 Apps in Minutes, not Months
  3. Easily Manage Users
  4. Deploy and Manage Secure Smart Contracts
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Governance tools to manage the foundation of ecosystems of trust

  1. At the forefront of cybersecurity user protection
  2. Advanced and flexible governance models
  3. Participatory governance citizen tools to bring trust
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Early Explorers get immediate opportunity to create together with others

  1. Own your identity and data
  2. Launch businesses and apps in minutes
  3. Login and use Web 2.0 Web 3.0 and Web 4.0 Apps
  4. Participate in global governance
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Decentralized Finance for the real world

  1. Ownership and provenance of digital assets
  2. Fraud and advaned cybersecurity prtection
  3. At the forefront of privacy and security compliance
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What’s Going On in Pangea

Built by Non-Profit Foundation in Amsterdam

Discover how Pangea, envisioned by a dedicated Amsterdam-based foundation, is redefining digital nations.

Launched at COP28 in

Unveiling Pangea at COP28, Dubai: A milestone event marking the birth of a new virtual nation.

Quantum Secure Cybersecurity & IAM

Explore Pangea's cutting-edge quantum-secure cybersecurity and Identity and Access Management (IAM) systems.

European Union Web 4.0 Worlds

Delving into Pangea’s role in the European Union's vision for immersive Web 4.0 environments.

Following United Nations Goals

Pangea's alignment with United Nations goals: Building a sustainable, inclusive digital world.

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