Marketing Notice for Pangea Marketing Channels Including Website


Welcome to Pangea, where we champion transparency and honesty in every aspect of our community engagement. At the heart of our ethos is the commitment to provide clear and forthright information, particularly in the realm of our marketing initiatives. This privacy notice details our practices concerning marketing through our various marketing channels which run by the Tonomy Foundation.


This website and other Pangea and LEOS marketing channels serve as gateways to a wealth of information regarding our crypto-asset offering of the LEOS Currency. We are dedicated to presenting this information in a manner that is both transparent and comprehensible, ensuring you are well-informed about the associated risks.

Understanding Crypto-asset risks

In our whitepapers you will find detailed information about LEOS, the native crypto-asset of Pangea. We encourage you to read our MiCA-compliant official whitepaper, which not only outlines the potential of LEOS but also thoroughly addresses the risks associated with its purchase. This valuable resource is designed to equip you with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions in the dynamic world of crypto-assets. Discover more by visiting our whitepapers section:


We are at the forefront of adopting regulatory measures, particularly the MiCA regulation, to provide a secure and compliant environment for our token sale. This adherence to regulatory standards underscores our dedication to consumer protection and market integrity within the crypto industry.


This statement applies to all marketing channels employed by the Tonomy Foundation:
This crypto-asset marketing communication has not been reviewed or approved by any competent authority in any Member State of the European Union. The Tonomy Foundation is solely responsible for the content of this crypto-asset marketing communication.

Our commitment to transparency and accountability remains unwavering in all our communications.

Updates to Our Marketing Notice

Please be aware that this Marketing Notice, like the digital landscape, may evolve. We encourage you to periodically review this notice to stay informed about any updates or changes. Our dedication to maintaining a clear and open line of communication with our community is paramount.

Contact Us

For questions or concerns about our marketing practices or this notice and to get the highest priority, please contact us here:

Alternatively you can contact us by calling +31 (0) 294 799 023 or with email contact (at)

We thank you for being an integral part of the Pangea community, where honesty, transparency, and security guide our journey forward.