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In the bustling world of e-commerce, Pangea introduces an innovative solution to enhance online shopping with Pangea Passport, providing a seamless, secure, and user-friendly experience for both businesses and consumers. This advanced identity system leverages blockchain technology to ensure robust security, protecting against data breaches and fraud. With Pangea, customers enjoy a simplified checkout process, reducing cart abandonment and elevating conversion rates.

Personalized shopping experiences become both secure and private, fostering trust and loyalty among users. E-commerce platforms integrating Pangea Passport benefit from advanced fraud detection, minimizing chargebacks and financial losses. This transformative approach not only ensures GDPR compliance for businesses but also enhances their trustworthiness and customer satisfaction, paving the way for a safer and more efficient e-commerce ecosystem.

Finance and Banking

In Pangea's finance and banking landscape, Pangea Passport revolutionizes secure transactions and digital identity management. By defending against cyber threats and ensuring compliance, it fosters trust and efficiency. Its advanced features streamline KYC processes, protect financial data with tamper-proof technology, and enable seamless digital transactions.

Multi-party signatures enhance collaboration, while secure data sharing complies with regulations. Pangea revolutionizes finance and banking with Pangea Bankless, a decentralized platform for financial transactions and management, catering to both individual users and business financial onboarding and retention throughout enterprise financial platforms.


Pangea Passport ushers a revolution in gaming, offering gamers full ownership of digital assets and a bot-free environment, enhancing gameplay fairness. With seamless NFT integration and advanced Sybil attack protection, Pangea Passport ensures security and a superior user experience.

Enjoy lightning-fast transactions, reduced hack risks, and straightforward Web3 wallet recovery. Ideal for developers and gamers seeking secure, easy-to-use platforms for trading and customizing digital collectibles.


Pangea revolutionizes healthcare by leveraging Pangea Passport for secure, seamless management of patient records. This innovative system ensures top-tier data security and compliance, offering a self-sovereign identity framework that puts control back in the hands of patients and providers.

With Pangea Passport, healthcare data becomes portable and easily transferable across providers, ensuring efficient, patient-centered care without compromising privacy. The integration of advanced digital signatures streamlines document processing, reducing paperwork while safeguarding data integrity. Pangea's approach not only enhances patient trust and privacy but also significantly reduces the risks associated with data breaches, making it a pioneering solution in healthcare data management.

Supply Chain

Pangea transforms supply chains with Pangea Passport and DAO, enabling transparent tracking, flexible governance, and enhanced security.

Leveraging blockchain, it ensures data integrity and accountability across parties, mitigating fraud and streamlining operations. Pangea Passport's sovereign storage vault boosts privacy, making Pangea ideal for secure, efficient supply chain management.


Pangea, powered by Tonomy Gov OS, revolutionizes telecommunications with cutting-edge cybersecurity and identity management. By leveraging self-sovereign architecture and secure digital signatures, Pangea Passport offers seamless onboarding* and robust subscriber authentication, protecting customers from SIM swap attacks and identity theft.

Pangea ensures compliance and fraud prevention, making it ideal for telecoms to enhance security, customer satisfaction, and regulatory adherence, all while fostering a future-ready, privacy-centric service environment.

Web3 and SSI

Pangea introduce a transformative approach in Web3 and SSI, integrating decentralized identity with seamless Web2-like user experiences. Through the Pangea Passport, users enjoy secure, wallet-free interactions across dApps, enabling instant transactions and stringent bot resistance without sacrificing user convenience.

This ecosystem, underpinned by low-code Pangea Build, streamlines access to blockchain technologies, fostering innovation in Web3 applications from finance to social networking, all while maintaining robust security and privacy standards. With Pangea Build, developers can effortlessly craft decentralized applications, reducing the learning curve and fostering innovation**.


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Pangea Build, a no/low-code platform designed for enterprises to rapidly address complex challenges:

Pangea Build empowers enterprises with a flexible, secure, and efficient platform for innovation, governance, and digital transformation.