LEOS Coin Launch

2.5% Total Supply

FDV : $100,000,000
$0.002 / LEOS

April 2024

Strategic Partnerships
FDV : $200,000,000
$0.004 / LEOS

October 2024

5.5% Total Supply

7.0% Total Supply

Public (TGE)
FDV : $600,000,000
$0.012 / LEOS

February 2025

Liquidity Pool on Exchange Launch: US$15M



Product & Governance Roadmap

1. Genesis Voyage

Unveiling the foundation of our virtual nation with the Alpha release of Pangea Passport, the robust Pangea Blockchain, and the LEOS currency, complete with secure vesting contracts.

Tonomy Foundation

Q1 2024 (completed)

2. Pangea Expansion

Introducing Pangea Build to enable developers to thrive, and Pangea Bankless for financial freedom, anchored by essential billing controls.

Tonomy Foundation

Q3 2024

3. Collaborative Governance

Empowering communities with Pangea DAO, featuring advanced team controls and comprehensive billing systems for seamless operation.

Direct Democracy

Q1 2025

4. Democratic Evolution

Advancing our governance framework with Pangea Gov+, fostering a participatory democracy through an innovative liquid democracy consensus.

Liquid Democracy

Q3 2025

5. Blueprint Realization

Achieving a major milestone by fully implementing the visionary features outlined in our whitepaper across all Pangea platforms.

Participatory Governance Unlocked

Q1 2026

6. Futuristic Horizons

Embarking on the ambitious Pangea Vision 2030 projects, setting the course for future innovations and expansions in our virtual nation.

Ministries, and Much More

Q3 2026

Roadmap Our Story

Nov 2019
Chris & Jack
discuss initial idea
@ Sushi bar
Feb 2020
Conscious Cities
team formulation
Sep 2020
2nd place
Conscious Cities
Hackathon with
Civic Participation Tool
Jan 2022
Creation of
initial project prototype
and slide deck
Apr 2022
Project begins with Chris,
Jack & Rebal
May 2022
Jul 2022
Mike joins
the board
Nov 2022
Opened Dutch bank account (not easy!)
Feb 2023
Tonomy ID
Beta product launch
Jun 2023
Milica joins
the board
Jul 2023
Tonomy IDMVP
launch + White Paper
Sep 2023
Foundation acquires
Telos UK
validator node
Oct 2023
Tonomy ID
First customers
+ DIF member